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Starbucks & PCI

Alternative Payments

Chapter 19 of our book goes through a number of fun topics, including alternative payment schemes, emerging technologies, and a prediction or two on where we see things going and how you can prepare for these changes. There are a couple that we wanted to expand on here in a blog especially with respect to your obligations with PCI DSS compliance.

In 2013, Branden authored a blog post that got a ton of attention....

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Truncation is a Friend


We felt like the echos just kept getting louder in the book. You don’t have to secure what you don’t store, which means your scope is reduced with a solid truncation strategy. In fact, truncation is the next best thing to secure destruction when it comes to scope reduction and PCI DSS.

When Branden worked for a large bank, this was the strategy he chose to employ in the areas subject to PCI DSS. In...